New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation

Fixed Assets are Not Properly Controlled and Accounted For (Follow-up Review)

Short-comings disclosed by our audit, Health and Hospitals Corporation Fixed Assets Are Not Properly Controlled And Accounted For (A-21-93), included not being able to locate a sample (cost $460,000) of equipment at three facilities, the Corporation's central computer- generated fixed asset inventory base included items not qualifying as assets, and identification for and location of the equipment was not shown on the database. The Corporation agreed "to implement a plan for conducting a physical inventory of fixed assets... and ensuring the maintenance of the data once it is completed." This follow-up found that generally the Corporation was slow in implementing our recommendations; only two had been fully implemented. The Corporation must implement our recommendation for a complete inventory at all facilities to ensure that it has properly identified, recorded and accounted for its fixed assets to have an effective inventory system. A-17-95