New York City Department of Transportation

Follow-up Review of Improvement Needed in Street Re-paving Program

The prior audit (A-14-93) addressed the shortcomings of the DOT internal control structure in regard to its management of the street repaving program and indentified weaknesses in the competitive bid procedures, in cost estimating and bid analyses and in monitoring the productivity of the street repaving crews. Though we found that DOT has improved its performance more needs to be done. Six of the 19 recommendations made in the prior report have not been implemented. DOT still needs to ensure that its bid estimates are more rerealistic and must also ensure that better control and monitoring is exercised over work crews. DOT still does not prepare written evaluations when there is a significant difference between DOT's estimate and the lowest bid. Better control is still needed over its field crews. We, again, were unable to locate field crews at various times during the day. A-14-95