New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation

Second Follow-up Review of Planning For Disasters

Each HHC facility has a Disaster Plan for internal operations in the event of either and internal or external disaster. Included in the Plan is the hospitals' emergency Preparedness Program and a Fire Plan intended to meet the standards of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the joint Commission on Accreditation of the Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). We made 25 recommendations to improve HHC's emergency preparedness. In this follow-up to the March 28, 1990 audit we found that the seven recommendations directed to HHC's Central Office have been either implemented or partially implemented. We revisited four facilities (Jacobi, Queens and Lincoln acute care hospitals and the Seaview long-term care facility), and recommended corrective actions to the facilities' plans. Also, we made new recommendations for disaster plans. For example, recommended that the six HHC Networks jointly develop a uniform format for Disaster Plans that comply fully with JCAHO and NFPA standards. A-12-96