State Education Department

Nonpublic School Aid Program

Nonpublic schools are reimbursed by the State Education Department for the expenses incurred in complying with certain recordkeeping and reporting requirements mandated by New York State. During the 1993-94 fiscal year, 1,313 schools received $40.4 million in such reimbursements. We examined compliance with the recordkeeping and reporting requirements at nine selected schools and found that the requirements were generally met. However, because seven of the schools overstated the average hourly pay of the staff assigned to meet certain reporting requirements, the schools were overpaid a total of about $150,000 during the 1993-94 fiscal year. On the basis of our limited review, we believe the overpayments statewide could exceed $1 million annually. We recommend that Department staff more closely oversee the reimbursements provided to nonpublic schools. We also noted that it may be appropriate for State law to be changed to allow nonpublic schools to estimate the amount of staff time spent on certain recordkeeping activities when preparing their requests for reimbursement.

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