Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Productivity of Toll Collection Operations

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey operates bridges, tunnels, airports, marine ports, office complexes and industrial parks in the metropolitan New York City area. The Port Authority collects tolls from motorists on four bridges and in two tunnels. We examined the efficiency of these toll collection operations and found that the size and cost of the toll collection staff would be significantly reduced if staff were deployed more efficiently. For example, because formal workload standards are not used in the deployment of toll collectors, collection stations may be overstaffed. We reviewed the Port Authority's toll collection records and determined that, when staffing levels were compared to accepted toll collection workload standards, the Port Authority's bridges and tunnels were generally overstaffed. We analyzed the staffing at one bridge and estimated that the Port Authority would save about $329,000 annually if toll collection staff were deployed in a manner more consistent with the workload standards. We also determined that further savings would be realized if greater use were made of automatic toll collection equipment. We recommend that the Port Authority deploy its toll collectors in accordance with the workload standards and develop a long-term plan for automating more of its toll collection stations.

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