Job Development Authority

Management of Loan Portfolio

The Job Development Authority tries to create or retain jobs in New York State by issuing loans to certain types of companies. The loans are intended to help the companies buy machinery and finance the construction, acquisition and rehabilitation of plants. The loans are funded by bonds that are sold by the Authority and guaranteed by New York State. We found that, because many of these loans have not been repaid, the Authority's financial condition has deteriorated dramatically. During the five years ended March 31, 1995, Authority expenses exceeded revenues by $66.4 million. With a reported fund deficit of $42.7 million, the Authority may soon be unable to repay its bondholders. We identified significant weaknesses in the Authority's procedures for reviewing and approving loan applications, and noted that many of the loans that were approved appeared very risky. In some cases, borrowers defaulted before making even a single repayment. We concluded that some of the loans may have been subject to negligence, fraud, abuse or other irregularities, and we referred such matters to the appropriate investigatory officials.

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