Department of Correctional Services

Regionalization of Prison Operations Through the Hub Program (Follow-Up Review)

In 1991 all State prisons were grouped into ten operational regions (hubs) to facilitate the implementation of new academic and vocational programs for inmates. In addition, it was expected that this regionalization would reduce costs through the consolidation of administrative and support services. In our prior audit report 93-S-66, we examined the extent to which these goals had been achieved and found that progress had been made in improving inmate programs and consolidating services. We recommended that additional actions be taken to better control program costs, more effectively monitor program accomplishments, and further consolidate administrative and support services. We estimated that such consolidation could reduce operating costs by as much as $12 million a year. In our follow-up review, officials of the Department of Correctional Services told us that most of our recommendations have not been implemented because of staff reductions in the Department.

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