Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Long Island Rail Road: Holban/Hillside Maintenance Complex (Follow-Up Review)

In 1991 the Long Island Rail Road Company (LIRR) opened the Holban/Hillside Maintenance Complex. The Complex, which was built at a cost of $380 million to service and repair railroad cars, was expected to increase worker productivity through better equipment and technology. However, in our prior audit report 93-S-59, we noted that several maintenance shops in the Complex operated at less than half their productive capacity, and significant amounts of space and millions of dollars worth of equipment were not used at all. Moreover, even though space was available at the Complex, the LIRR paid $1.2 million annually to rent office space. We also noted that the roofs leaked in two of the Complex's buildings. One of the roofs, which cost $420,000 to construct, was to be replaced at an estimated cost of $760,000. We made several recommendations aimed at improving Complex operations. In our follow-up review, we found that nearly all of these recommendations have been fully implemented.

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