Long Island Power Authority

Staff Study: Disposition of the Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant

The Shoreham nuclear power plant, which was built by the Long Island Lighting Company, was abandoned shortly after construction was completed in 1985 due to intense public opposition to the plant. The Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) was created in 1986 to close the plant, find alternative uses for plant facilities, and identify methods for lowering the electric rates on Long Island. Partly because of the costs incurred in building the Shoreham plant ($5.6 billion), the electric rates on Long Island are among the highest in the nation. We reviewed the performance of LIPA and found that the Shoreham plant had successfully been closed. However, LIPA had yet to find alternative uses for plant facilities and was still in the process of developing a plan to lower electric rates on Long Island. We suggested that consideration be given to dissolving LIPA and allowing its role to be filled by other State agencies or public authorities, such as the Public Service Commission or the New York Power Authority.

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