Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Metro-North Railroad: The Productivity of Ticket SellingOperations

Tickets for the Metro-North Railroad may be purchasedthrough the mail, on the train or at certain passenger stations. The tickets at the stations aresold by either ticket vending machines or staff in ticket offices. At the time of our audit, 10ticket vending machines and 129 ticket sellers were deployed at the stations. We examinedthese deployments and concluded that more ticket sellers may be assigned to ticket officesthan are necessary. For example, so few tickets are sold at some stations that we questionwhether ticket sellers are needed at these stations. We believe the workloads of these ticketoffices could be absorbed by on-board conductors, ticket offices at other stations, and sales oftickets through the mail without significantly inconveniencing passengers. We also concludedthat ticket selling operations might be made more efficient if certain ticket vending machines were moved to other stations and if some ticket sellers were replaced by vending machines. Metro-North officials agree with our audit recommendations and plan to implement a newstrategy for selling tickets.

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