State University of New York

Agency Accounts

State University of New York (SUNY) campuses are authorized to use accounts called agency accounts to control funds that do not belong to New York State, such as funds belonging to student organizations and campus food service providers. At the time of our audit, SUNY campuses maintained more than 1,500 agency accounts with annual receipts totaling $81 million. We examined the use of agency accounts at seven campuses and found that the accounts were appropriately used at four of the campuses. However, at the other three campuses, State funds and other inappropriate funds were sometimes deposited into the accounts, and some account disbursements were not adequately documented or were inconsistent with the purpose of the accounts. For example, at one campus $610,000 of State funds had been deposited into agency accounts and account funds were spent on parties, personal loans and unauthorized bonuses for State employees. We recommend that agency accounts be used only in accordance with established guidelines.

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