New York City Department of Health

Follow-up Review of Mobile Food Vendors

We have reviewed the extent of actions taken by the New York City Health Department to implement the recommendations contained in our prior audit report on Mobile Food Vendors, Report No. A-6-93, issued October 21, 1993. In our prior report, we made a total of 17 recommendations to assist Health in addressing the issues raised. Of the 17 recommendations, eight have been implemented, one has been partially implemented, and the City Council is considering legislation which when enacted will provide alternative actions for two of the recommendations. The six remaining recommendations have not been implemented. The City has made a considerable effort to address our previously reported concerns. Proposed legislation to limit the number of permits that an individual may own will, when enacted, loosen the monopolistic grip on the industry resulting from the ownership of multiple permits by a single person or entity. Also, the controls mandated by the legislation should curtail illegal leasing. We remain concerned with Health's reluctance to perform microbiological testing. This would help ensure that there are no health risks associated with consumption of food products sold by mobile food vendors. In addition, three of the recommendations not yet implemented (Nos. 3, 11, and 13) concern areas where we continue to see opportunities for Health to improve operations through enhancing automated capabilities and controls. A-6-95