Follow-up Review of Medicaid Managed Care

Of the 14 recommendations addressed to HRA in our prior audit report (Report A-5-92 issued August 19, 1992), three were implemented, one was not implemented, and the other 10 were no longer applicable because the management and oversight for developing and implementing Medicaid Managed Care in New York City was transferred from HRA to the Mayor's Office of Managed Care (OMMC). We repeat the recommendation that was not implemented, the mandatory enrollment of Home Relief recipients in Medicaid Managed Care, an action we consider necessary for New York City achieving the State-mandated 50% enrollment target of Medicaid-eligible individuals in Managed Care by 1998. OMMC informed us that the City was currently discussing with the State the mandatory enrollment of Home Relief recipients. We also observed that the City's initiatives had increased the number of Medicaid Managed Care enrollees to 291,545 from 57,000 at the time of our prior audit, as well as now contracting with 18 providers for Medicaid Managed care, up from seven. A-3-95