Follow-up Review of Intra-city Compliance Procedures Regarding Summonsable Offenses

The prior audit made 25 recommendations that would correct or minimize the occurrence of hazardous conditions on City owned or occupied premises that result in Violations issued by Fire, Buildings, Environment and other City regulatory agencies. This follow-up review reported that 18 were implemented, 5 were partially implemented, and no action was taken on the other two. Most of the implemented and partially implemented recommendations concerned increased monitoring to expedite correcting and resolving the hazardous condition and remove the Violation. Our recommendation to impose momentary penalties to encourage prompt corrective action, and compliance with safety/health regulations, was not implemented. The follow-up included a new recommendation. We suggested that it would be more efficient and effective to employ the capability of the Environmental Control Board computer data base to prepare a consolidated agency-wide Violation listing in lieu of the many separate listings currently prepared by each City agency. A-1-95