New York City Police Department

Action Needed to Make The "Safe Streets, Safe City" Program More Effective

Many civilians hired under the Safe Streets' civilianization program were used to fill civilian vacancies instead of replacing uniformed officers who were performing administrative duties. The City was able to save funds by reducing NYPD civilian staff while utilizing Safe Streets funding to fill those positions left vacant by the City budget reductions. We reviewed the assignments of 640 officers who were replaced by civilian hires and found that only 305 officers were assigned to enforcement related units. We recommended that the Memorandum of Understanding between the State and the City needs to be renegotiated so that funding is based upon a deployment-related goal rather than the aggregate number of uniformed officers. Our audit estimated that the City could $132.7 million over seven years by civilianizing 885 positions that have been targeted for civilianization but were still filled by officers. We found that personnel at three sampled precincts did not properly record officers' assignment classifications on daily roll call sheets which represent the foundation from which Patrol Strength statistics are built. A-1-94