New York City School Construction Authority

Capital Improvement Projects

The objective of this review was to determine if Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) submitted to the School Construction Authority (SCA) by the Board of Education were being completed to the Board's satisfaction. We selected a sample of projects submitted by the Board that were either under construction or had been completed by SCA as of September 1992. Projects handled by SCA are contained in the Board's five-year capital plan, which authorized the Board to spend $4.3 billion, including $1 billion for the CIPs. As of September 1992, the School Construction Authority reported that it had completed 602 projects, and 1,117 were in construction. We found that there was poor project management coordination at SCA's Office of Project Management. At one school, for example, two sets of window guards were ordered. The window guards that were used were of inferior quality and improperly installed. The superior window guards, which cost $40,000 were the wrong size and could not be used. CIPs submitted to SCA were supposed to be entered into the Authority's data base to ensure they were accounted for. We found that 177 of our 1,027 sampled projects (17 percent) submitted by the Board to SCA in fiscal years 1991 and 1992 could not be located on SCA's data base. We also found that the Office of Project Management, which is responsible for completion of CIP work, did not have a data base to track project progress, and that the Board had no access to information regarding the status of the projects submitted to SCA.

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