New York City Board of Education

Follow-up on Meeting Requisite Time Frames for Evaluting and Placing Students in Special Education

Of the eight recommendations addressed to the Board of Education in our prior audit (Report A-2-93 issued February 28, 1994), five were implemented and three were partially implemented. We observed that the following actions are being taken to fully implement the three partially implemented recommendations. An enhanced computer reporting program was being tested, that when fully developed, will provide complete and accurate compliance rates for evaluating mandated time frame compliance based on the actual disposition of referrals. Using the data generated by the enhanced program, the Board will be able to identify those committees that have high noncompliance rates, and assist them in taking the necessary corrective action. The Board should then periodically analyze the variances among the Committees regarding cases closed and recommendations for placement in a special education setting. With that information, the Board may determine the reasona for any variance. Adopting our prior audit recommendations will provide the Board with a definitive and clear picture of its compliance with mandated time frames. A-10-95