Olympic Regional Development Authority

Board of Directors' Governance, Guidance and Oversight

The Authority is overseen by a ten-member Board of Directors that is appointed by the Governor and approved by the State Senate. In September 1993, the Authority's CEO and several top managers resigned amid published allegations of mismanagement. We examined the oversight provided by the Board and found that it was not adequate. For example, the duties of Board members were not clearly defined, Board meetings were not as frequent as required, attendance at these meetings was inconsistent, vacancies on the Board were not filled in a timely manner, Authority contracts were not approved by the Board as required, important financial data about Authority operations was not provided to the Board, and corrective actions were not taken by the Board in response to prior audit recommendations. We also identified possible conflicts of interest and inadequate financial disclosure on the part of certain Board members. These matters were referred to the State Ethics Commission and Attorney General's Office for further investigation. 95-S-41