State University of New York

Controls Over Paid Leaves and Faculty Outside Activities (Follow-Up Review)

SUNY grants sabbatical leave and other paid leave to academic and administrative staff in order to increase the employees' value to SUNY. In our prior audit report 91-S-30, we found that the salaries paid to faculty on sabbatical leave were not always recovered when the faculty failed to return to SUNY at the conclusion of the leave. We also found that improvements were needed in SUNY's efforts to address possible conflicts of interest in the outside activities of faculty. In addition, we noted that SUNY could save millions of dollars annually by reducing the percentage of faculty on sabbatical leave. In our follow-up review, we found that salaries had been recovered from faculty not returning from sabbatical leave and a conflict of interest policy had been established for faculty. However, the percentage of faculty on sabbatical leave had not been reduced. 95-F-24