State University of New York

Health Science Center at Brooklyn: On-Call and Re-Call Payroll Costs (Follow-Up Review)

The Center pays its staff about $900,000 annually for on-call and re-call services. On-call service is the prescheduled assignment of an employee to be available for return to the worksite within a limited period of time. Re-call is the return of the employee to the worksite after having completed a normal workday. In our prior audit report 91-S- 17, we found that some of the payments made by the Center for these two types of services were either unnecessary or inappropriate, and raised serious questions as to management's commitment to operate the Center in a cost-effective manner.

In our follow-up review, we found that some progress was made by Center management in implementing the recommendations contained in our prior report. For example, certain practices criticized in the prior report were discontinued. Despite this progress, additional action was needed if payments for the two types of services were to be adequately controlled. 95-F-23