Office of General Services

Computer Center Operations (Follow-Up Review)

The Office of General Services (OGS) provides information processing services to interested State agencies through its Computer Center, which includes two mainframe computers. Computer Center operations are financed by fees charged to the agencies. Our prior audit report 93-S-56 examined the financial viability of Center operations and concluded that changes were needed if the Center was to be financially viable. The Center had accumulated $7.6 million in operating losses during the previous four years and was using much less than half of the capacity of its two mainframe computers. We recommended that the Center adjust its mainframe services and identify alternative services that would attract customers. Our follow-up review found that OGS made progress in implementing these recommendations. For example, OGS replaced one of its mainframe computers with a smaller model and conducted a survey to identify the information processing needs of potential customers. 95-F-13