Workers' Compensation Board

Selected Hearing Process Activities (Follow-Up Review)

The Board holds hearings to determine whether workers who are injured on the job should be compensated for their injuries. According to Board records, more than 600,000 such hearings are held annually. In our prior audit report 93-S-98, we examined Board practices for recording and monitoring these hearings. We found that, if the hearings were recorded electronically on tape recorders rather than manually by hearing reporters, Board costs could be reduced by as much as $4 million a year. We also noted that, contrary to State law, hearing reporters supplemented their salaries by selling hearing transcripts to hearing participants. We further noted that the Board's system for monitoring hearings was undermined by inaccurate information.

In our follow-up review, we found that the Board made substantial progress in implementing the recommendations contained in our prior report. For example, the Board initiated a pilot program to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of audiotaping hearings and contacted other states about the viability of such a practice.

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