Department of Correctional Services

Comprehensive Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment Program

In response to the growing number of prison inmates with alcohol and substance abuse problems, the State Legislature authorized a comprehensive treatment program for such inmates. In this program, inmates are to be treated by contractors in separate facilities while they are reintegrated into the community. However, we found that many of the inmates in the program did not receive all the required treatment, because officials at the Department viewed the program as a way to help ease the crowding in State prisons.

We also found that the Department had not analyzed the performance of the different contractors or the various treatment methodologies in order to determine which were the most cost- effective. We determined that the success rates of the contractors ranged from 43 to 59 percent. We also noted that the Department generally did not collect or evaluate data related to overall program cost and effectiveness, and had not established monitoring systems for ensuring that program requirements were met. 94-S-74