Manhattan and Bronx Surface Transit Operating Authority

Qualifications of Certain Employees

The Manhattan and Bronx Surface Transit Operating Authority (MaBSTOA), a subsidiary of New York City Transit, was created in 1962 to temporarily operate certain bus lines in New York City until private buyers could be found. Unlike most New York City Transit employees, MaBSTOA employees are not subject to New York State civil service regulations and can therefore be hired and promoted without competitive examinations. While competitive examinations are used by New York City Transit management to hire and promote MABSTOA operating employees such as bus drivers and mechanics, such examinations are not used to hire and promote 2,100 MaBSTOA administrative and support employees such as attorneys and staff analysts.

We examined how these 2,100 employees were hired and promoted and found that they were not always held to the same standards as their counterparts at New York City Transit. For example, while a baccalaureate degree is required for a staff analyst at New York City Transit, at least six staff analysts at MaBSTOA did not have this degree. We also noted that most of the 2,100 employees were not assigned to duties relating exclusively to MaBSTOA; rather, they were assigned to duties that either related exclusively to New York City Transit or related to both MaBSTOA and New York City Transit. We recommended that consideration be given to unifying New York City Transit and MaBSTOA operations so that both sets of employees are held to the same standards when they are hired and promoted. 94-S-44