Metropolitan Transportation Authority

New York City Transit: Deployment of Transit Police Officers (Follow-Up Review)

New York City Transit employs 4,500 police officers to prevent crime and maintain order on the New York City subway system. Our prior audit report 91-S-53 found that certain improvements were needed in the deployment of these police officers. For example, according to an independent medical peer review organization that we hired, many officers were inappropriately placed on paid no-work status or restricted duty due to illness or injury. Moreover, because of ineffective guidelines and poor monitoring practices, many officers had been off full-work status for years. We further found that many officers were performing administrative and clerical jobs that could have been performed at a lower cost by civilians. Our follow-up review found that steps had been taken by New York City Transit officials to implement the recommendations contained in our prior audit report. For example, fewer officers were off full-work status for extended periods or were used to perform administrative and clerical jobs. 94-F-21