Metropolitan Transportation Authority

New York City Transit: Productivity on Capital Projects

New York City Transit spends hundreds of millions of dollars annually on capital projects. Most of these projects are performed by in-house workers. We observed these workers on projects involving track replacement and station rehabilitation.
We found that daytime workers on track replacement projects actively worked on the projects for an average of only 3 to 3.5 hours a day, and workers on station rehabilitation projects actively worked the projects for an average of only 5.5 hours a day. During the remainder of the paid workday, these workers were either idle, eating lunch, traveling to and from locker rooms, or performing set-up and clean-up tasks. For example, to prevent the disruption of commuter schedules, track replacement workers were generally idle for four hours a day. In total, the unproductive time we identified cost New York City Transit between $12 and $13 million a year in salaries and benefits. 92-S-89