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Department of Motor Vehicles
Traffic Ticket Surcharges (Follow-Up)

Issued: December 08, 2016
Link to full audit report 2016-F-12
Link to 30-day response

To determine the extent of implementation of the four recommendations included in our initial audit report, Accountability for Traffic Ticket Surcharges (2014-S-26).

New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law authorizes cities that meet an established population requirement – currently set at 200,000 or more – to adjudicate non-criminal traffic infractions through administrative tribunals instead of the court system. Within the Department of Motor Vehicles (Department), Traffic Violations Bureaus (TVBs) were established to run the State’s administrative adjudication program, which is intended in part to divert such high-volume non-criminal cases from the court system and thereby free the courts to concentrate instead on the more serious cases. Our initial audit report, which was issued on August 10, 2015, concluded that, on an overall basis, the Department consistently accounted for and reported all traffic ticket surcharge revenue received through the TVBs and the Division. However, we identified certain areas where the Department could make greater use of the data it maintains to better manage and improve its operations. We made four recommendations to the Department to correct the errors we found and to establish a more proactive approach to program monitoring.

Key Finding

  • Department officials have made progress in implementing each of the recommendations identified in our initial report. However, additional improvements are still needed. Of the four prior audit recommendations, one has been implemented and the other three have been partially implemented

Key Recommendation

  • Officials are given 30 days after the issuance of this follow-up review to provide information on any actions that are planned to address the unresolved issues.

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Department of Motor Vehicles: Accountability for Traffic Ticket Surcharges (2014-S-26)

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