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Department of Transportation
Review of Real Property Holdings for Disposal (Follow-Up)

Issued: April 07, 2015
Link to full audit report 2015-F-2

To determine the extent of implementation of the five recommendations made in our initial report, Review of Real Property Holdings for Disposal (2010-S-48).

Our initial report, issued March 5, 2012, determined the Department of Transportation (Department) was not reviewing its real property holdings to identify properties for sale or disposal.  We identified 18 potential surplus properties with an estimated value of $7.1 million that may no longer have been needed for transportation purposes and could have been disposed of or sold to generate revenue for the State.  The Department last assessed its need for these 18 properties between 1984 and 2005.  The Department disposed of properties on terms beneficial to the State.  However, when DOT leased out property, it may not have maximized revenue because it did not review property permit fees on a regular basis.

Key Finding

  • We determined that the Department implemented each of the five recommendations from our initial report.

Key Recommendation

  • None

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