Office for Technology


Our Office examined nine discretionary contracts the Office for Technology (OFT) used to procure services during calendar year 2008 valued at $386,747. The objective of our examination was to determine if OFT procured services in accordance with the State Finance Law and the State Procurement Guidelines. We found OFT did not have complete records necessary to support its procurement process for eight of the nine contracts. OFT records did not contain: a description of the services OFT needed for five contracts; a justifications for how OFT selected the vendor for five contracts; a justification that the price was reasonable for four contracts; evidence of advertising for eight contracts; and an evaluation that the selected vendor met responsiveness and responsibility requirements for five contracts. The circumstances surrounding OFT’s procurement of services leaves OFT open to criticism for not ensuring fair and open competition. As a result of our examination, OFT officials have increased training of purchasing staff and have taken steps to promote fairness in contracting.

For a complete copy of Report 2009-BSE-01-001, click here.