City University of New York

Compliance with the Clery Act (Follow-Up Report)

Colleges are required by the federal Clery Act to publish certain crime statistics and other safety-related information. In audit 2009-S-4, we examined the information published by the 14 campuses of the City University of New York (CUNY) and found that it often was not accurate or in full compliance with the Clery Act. For example, all 14 campuses lacked at least seven of the required disclosures in their annual security report, and five of the six campuses we visited underreported or misclassified their crime statistics. We recommended CUNY’s University Administration more closely oversee campus compliance with Clery Act requirements and improve its formal guidance and training in this area. When we followed up on these matters with CUNY officials, we found that they had made significant progress in their implementation of our audit recommendations.

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