New York City Department of Buildings

Elevator Inspections and Tests (Follow-Up Report)

Elevators in New York City have to be inspected every 6 to 12 months and tested at least once a year. Most of the inspections are performed by inspectors from the New York City Department of Buildings and private inspectors contracted by the Department. The tests are performed by private inspectors hired by the property owners and approved by the Department. In audit 2007-N-9, we examined the inspections and tests that were performed on a random sample of 50 elevators. We found that 28 of the inspections and tests were performed late, seven were performed by inspectors who did not meet certain qualification requirements, and 19 were not properly documented.

The Department is responsible for ensuring that all elevator inspectors meet certain qualification requirements. However, Department records confirmed that only 11 of the 50 inspectors in our random sample met all their qualification requirements. When required elevator inspections and tests are not performed, are performed late, or are performed by inspectors who are not fully qualified, there is an increased risk that defective elevators may not be detected in a timely manner. We recommended that certain actions be taken to improve the Departmentís controls over elevator inspections and tests. When we followed up on these matters with Department officials, we found that most of our recommendations had been implemented.

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