Department of Health

Medicaid Overpayments for Medicare Part B Beneficiaries (Follow-Up Report)

In audit 2008-S-63, we examined selected payments made by Medicaid for a one-year period on behalf of individuals who were eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid. We identified an estimated $1.8 million in overpayments to medical providers that incorrectly billed Medicaid for Medicare Part B services. In many instances, the providers either double-billed the services or did not accurately report Medicare payment information on their Medicaid claims. We recommended that the overpayments be investigated and recovered. The Office of the Medicaid Inspector General (OMIG) is responsible for performing such investigations and making such recoveries on behalf of the Department of Health. However, when we followed up on these matters with OMIG officials, we found that they had yet to take any actions to implement our recommendation.

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