New York City Department of Education

Student Participation in the Supplemental Education Services Program (Follow-Up Report)

Supplemental educational services (SES) are federally funded tutoring and remediation programs that are provided to students before or after school or on weekends. The services are arranged by local schools and provided by specially approved contractors. The services must be offered to all eligible low-income students at schools where a significant portion of the student population is not meeting certain academic performance goals. Eligible students are not required to enroll in the SES Program; however, the schools are directed by the No Child Left Behind Act to encourage their enrollment.

In audit 2006-N-11, we examined whether SES services were being offered and promoted in accordance with requirements in New York City public schools. We found that the New York City Department of Education and City schools were offering the SES Program in accordance with requirements, but they could be more proactive and effective in promoting and encouraging enrollment. We also found that some of the students enrolled in the SES Program were not actually eligible for the Program. When we followed up on these matters, we found that Department of Education officials made significant progress in implementing the recommendations contained in our initial report.

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