Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation

Environmental Protection Fund

The Environmental Protection Fund funded seven specific programs at the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (Office): Open Space; Municipal Grants; Stewardship; Zoos, Botanical Gardens and Aquariums; Barns Restoration and Preservation (Barns); Oceans and Great Lakes; and Biodiversity. Total funding for these seven programs during the three State fiscal years ended March 31, 2008 was over $280 million. We examined whether the Office awards Environmental Protection Fund grants timely and if they were based on valid, objective criteria. We found that for six of these programs, the Office awarded the funds to grantees in a timely fashion and ensured that the funds were spent within a reasonable time span. However, appropriations for the Barns program were not spent timely and over $1.1 million in Environmental Protection Fund funding for this program should be returned to the State Treasury as a refund. In addition, we determined that the award process for the Municipal Grants program has weaknesses that could allow the process to be manipulated unfairly.

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