Office of General Services

Contract with EBSCO Subscription Services, Inc.

EBSCO Subscription Services provides books, journals, magazines and other literary materials to State agencies and other entities under a statewide procurement contract that is administered by the Office of General Services (OGS). Under the terms of the contract, EBSCO’s service charges are not to exceed certain specified amounts. However, we found that EBSCO was routinely overcharging State agencies for its services, and based on our sample results, we estimated that the overcharges had totaled about $1 million since the inception of the contract in 2005. We recommended that OGS work with EBSCO to determine the extent to which the overcharged amounts should be recovered. We also recommended that OGS modify the contract and more closely monitor future billings from EBSCO to prevent such overcharges in the future.

For a complete copy of Report 2007-R-6 click here.