Hudson River Park Trust

West 30th Street Heliport: Revenue Operations (Follow-Up Report)

Hudson River Park Trust is a public benefit corporation responsible for planning, developing, constructing, operating and maintaining a planned 550-acre park in New York City. The West 30th Street Heliport, one of three public heliports in New York City, is located in the park. The Heliport is managed by a private company pursuant to a lease agreement with Hudson River Park Trust. Under this agreement, Hudson River Park Trust is to receive a portion of the revenue earned by the company. In audit 2006-S-75, we examined the controls over revenue collections and found certain improvements were needed if Hudson River Park Trust was to be assured it was receiving all the revenue it was due. When we followed up on these matters with Hudson River Park Trust officials, we found that they had made only limited progress in implementing our audit recommendations.

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