Hudson River Park Trust

West 30th Street Heliport: Safety and Security (Follow-Up Report)

Hudson River Park Trust is a public benefit corporation responsible for planning, developing, constructing, operating and maintaining a planned 550-acre park in New York City. The West 30th Street Heliport is located in the park. The Heliport, which is managed by a private company pursuant to a lease agreement with Hudson River Park Trust, is used by sightseeing, corporate and charter helicopter carriers.

The New York State Anti-terrorism Preparedness Act of 2004 requires general aviation airports and heliports to file a security plan with the State Department of Transportation. In audit 2006-S-23, we examined the Heliportís compliance with this plan as well as other safety and security-related practices, and found that certain improvements were needed. When we followed up on these matters with Hudson River Park Trust officials, we found that some progress had been made in the implementation of our audit recommendations, but additional actions were still needed. Due to the sensitivity of the information, our detailed audit findings and recommendations were not included in either our original audit report or our follow-up report.

For a complete copy of Report 2009-F-10 click here.