Division of Criminal Justice Services

Compliance with Executive Order 111 Requirements to Purchase Power from Renewable Energy Sources

Executive Order 111, which was issued in June 2001, requires all State agencies to purchase a certain portion of their electricity (at least 10 percent by 2005 and 20 percent by 2010) from renewable sources. The Division of Criminal Justice Services leases three buildings in the Albany area. We found that the Division attempted to comply with the Executive Order and did so in the 2006-07 fiscal year, purchasing 11 percent of its power from renewable sources. However, the Division did not meet the 10 percent level in the 2005-06 fiscal year, because its renewable energy supplier changed it mix of energy to include a much greater portion of hydroelectric power, which does not qualify as renewable. Division officials were not aware of this change until we conducted our audit; they told us they thought they were buying much more renewable power than they actually were. The Division immediately changed its energy supplier so that it was, in fact, purchasing the amount of renewable power that it intended.

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