Department of Health

Immunization Program (Follow-Up Report)

New York Stateís Public Health Law requires children to be immunized against certain communicable diseases before they attend any public school, private school, nursery school, or day care facility. The Department of Health is responsible for promoting and monitoring compliance with these immunization requirements.

In audit 2005-S-41, we examined the effectiveness of the Departmentís efforts and found that some improvements were needed. For example, we reviewed selected immunization records at a sample of 25 elementary and secondary schools and found that the immunization requirements in the Public Health Law were not always being met. We recommended the Department take certain actions to improve the accuracy and completeness of the information provided by schools about their compliance with immunization requirements. We also recommended certain improvements be made in Department activities for promoting compliance with the requirements. When we followed up on these matters with Department officials, we found that they had made progress in their implementation of our audit recommendations, but additional actions were still needed.

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