Department of Correctional Services

Compliance with Executive Order 134 - Environmental Impact of Cleaning of Facilities

Executive Order 134, which was issued in January 2005, required State agencies and certain public authorities to procure and use cleaning products that minimize the potential impacts to human health and the environment. We examined whether the Department of Correctional Services was in compliance with this Executive Order and found that, as of February 2008, the Department was not in compliance, as it was not purchasing or using environmentally-preferred cleaning products at any of its offices and correctional facilities; and had not required its correctional facilities, offices, or landlords of leased space to use such cleaning products. However, the Department had made progress in conforming to the Executive Order by testing cleaning products at one of its correctional facilities. These products were approved and, according to Department officials, would be available for use during the 2008-09 fiscal year.

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