Banking Department

Controls Over Equipment and Vehicles

We found that the Banking Department purchased more computer equipment than it needed. As a result, some of the equipment was rarely, if ever, used. During the period covered by our audit, the Department purchased a total of 835 desktop and laptop computers, even though it had only 535 employees. We identified 138 computers that had not been assigned to any employees. In addition, the Department had assigned two computers to 114 of its employees. While the second computer could be justified for 58 of the 114 employees, the other 56 employees (or about 10 percent of the Departmentís workforce) did not appear to need a second computer.

We estimated the Department could save approximately $150,000 through a more efficient assignment of computer equipment. We also identified weaknesses in the Departmentís inventory and vehicle usage records, and found the Department was not using available technology to ensure that computers assigned to employees for home use were being used for authorized purposes only.

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