State Commission of Correction

Selected Operating Practices Regarding Correction Officer Training and Facility Planning

The State Commission of Correction (SCOC) is an independent State agency that is responsible for overseeing all State and local correctional facilities in New York State. SCOC is supposed to approve the construction of new correctional facilities and the expansion or renovation of existing facilities. However, we found that SCOC was not aware of all construction or improvement projects at all correctional facilities, and as a result, had not approved the projects. For example, we identified 152 State correctional facility projects and 22 county projects that had not been reviewed and approved by SCOC. We recommended SCOC be more proactive in its oversight of such projects.

SCOC also operates a training program for personnel employed by correctional facilities. We examined the program and found that SCOC had not ensured that all correction officers at State and county correctional facilities were trained in accordance with SCOC requirements. We recommended certain improvements in SCOCís administration and oversight of the training program.

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