Office for Technology

Statewide Wireless Network: Phase One Development

In 2005, the New York State Office for Technology (OFT) contracted with M/A-COM, Inc. to develop and operate a Statewide Wireless Network for emergency communications between public safety agencies on the State, local and federal levels. The contract requires M/A-COM to develop and operate the Network in three phases. In Phase One, M/A-COM was to make the Network operational in two western counties by December 19, 2006. We found that, as of June 30, 2008, the Network was not yet operational in these two counties. As a result, the project was at least one and one-half years behind schedule. We identified a number of weaknesses in the Network development process and recommended that OFT address these weaknesses.

Under the contract, the State is not obligated to make any payments to M/A-COM until Phase One is completed, tested and accepted by OFT. If Phase One is not accepted by OFT because it does not meet contract requirements, the State may terminate the contract without reimbursing any of M/A-COMís costs. We thus noted that it was critical for OFT to appropriately assess the adequacy of M/A-COMís Phase One work and not accept the work unless it fully met all contract requirements.

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