Office of Children and Family Services
New York City Administration for Children's Services
New York City Human Resources Administration

Health, Safety and Fiscal Issues Relating To Legally-Exempt Child Care In New York City

Child care providers in New York State are licensed, registered and regulated under the supervision of the Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS). Under the New York State Child Care Block Grant subsidy program (Program), child care providers that are legally-exempt from certain OCFS requirements are paid for child care services provided to children of eligible families. Two agencies jointly operate the Program in New York City: the Administration for Children Services (ACS) and the Human Resources Administration (HRA). We examined whether oversight activities by OCFS, ACS and HRA were effective in monitoring the health and safety of children receiving care from legally-exempt providers in New York City and if program funds were spent for their intended purposes. We found two of the providers were registered on the New York State Sex Offender Registry. We also found that out of 50 randomly selected legally-exempt providers, 94 percent had one or more issues of noncompliance with health and safety requirements and we could not confirm that child care services were being provided by 14 of the 50 providers.

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