Office for Technology

Statewide Wireless Network Outreach and Training Activities

In 2005, the Office for Technology (OFT) contracted with M/A-COM, Inc. to develop and operate a statewide wireless network for emergency communications. The network, when completed, will cover nearly the entire geographic area of the State and provide infrastructure for communications between public safety agencies on the State, local and federal levels. State agencies such as the Division of State Police, the Department of Transportation, and the Department of Correctional Services will be required to use the network. Local government and public safety agencies will not be required to use the network, but may opt to do so. OFT is to implement a formal outreach program to encourage local participation, and M/A-COM and OFT are to develop and implement a training plan for network users.

We examined the progress to date in the implementation of the outreach program and development of the training plan. We found OFT has developed an outreach program and is conducting activities across the State to promote participation in the network. We also found OFT and M/A-COM have developed a draft training plan.

For a complete copy of Report 2006-R-5 click here.