New York City Department of Education

Services Rendered to Special Education Students (Follow-Up Report)

School districts are required to identify and evaluate all students with disabilities in their area and ensure that the students receive appropriate educational services in the least restrictive environment consistent with their needs. The New York City Department of Education arranges special education services for about 180,000 students, about 23,000 of whom have severe disabilities.

In audit report 2004-N-2, we examined the Departmentís controls over the special education services provided to these severely disabled students and found that significant improvements were needed. For example, we visited 2 of the 56 special schools serving these students and found the schools often could not locate required documentation (a) showing what services should have been provided to the students and (b) confirming that the services were in fact provided. In addition, when this documentation was available, there were significant errors and inconsistencies in the information recorded by the schools. We also determined that the information used by the Department in monitoring such services was often out-of-date or inaccurate. We recommended a number of improvements in the Departmentís controls over special education services. When we followed up on our audit recommendations, we found that they had been implemented.

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