State University of New York

Dormitory Self-Sufficiency (Follow-Up Report)

SUNY has dormitories at 26 of its State-operated campuses. Dormitory operations at these campuses are expected to be financially self-sufficient. In audit report 2004-S-52, we examined the operations at each campus and found that dormitory operations at five of the campuses were not self-sufficient, as they were operating at a deficit. We further determined that dormitory operations at three other campuses were operating at a loss and the campuses had avoided deficits by significantly reducing their accumulated reserves. We also noted that several campuses had either no funds or inadequate funds reserved for dormitory rehabilitation and repair projects. We recommended that SUNY System Administration require campuses with deficit dormitory operations to develop detailed corrective action plans and monitor the campusesí compliance with the plans. We also recommended that the campuses be required to contribute specific amounts to their rehabilitation reserve funds. When we followed up on these matters with SUNY officials, we found that they had made significant progress in implementing our audit recommendations.

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