Department of Motor Vehicles

Bus Driver Licensing and Oversight

Bus drivers must meet certain licensing requirements that are specified in State Law. For example, they must pass a medical examination every two years, pass a practical driving test every two years, and maintain a safe driving record both on and off the job. Bus driversí employers (carriers) are expected to arrange for their driversí medical examinations and driving tests, and ensure all licensing requirements are met before the individuals are allowed to drive. The Department of Motor Vehicles is supposed to review the driver records of each carrier, at least once every three years, to ensure that the carriers are fulfilling this responsibility. We found that the Department is performing the required three-year reviews, but the review process is not effective enough to ensure compliance at all carriers. For example, we reviewed driver records at 13 carriers that had recently been reviewed by the Department and found that more than half were in substantial non-compliance with licensing requirements.

Bus drivers must be registered with the Department. However, we found that some drivers are not registered, and as a result, they are not included in the Departmentís three-year reviews. In addition, individuals who are convicted of certain serious criminal offenses are not supposed to drive buses. Criminal history checks are required and performed for some bus drivers, but not for others. We recommend these checks be required and performed for all bus drivers.

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