State University of New York

Health Science Center at Brooklyn: Controls Over Computer Network Security (Follow-Up Report)

The Health Science Center at Brooklyn teaches students, conducts research in health-related areas, and provides care to patients in a 350-bed hospital. The Center uses a computer network to support its various activities. In audit report 2003-S-43, we examined the adequacy of the Center’s controls for preventing unauthorized access to the network, as well as the adequacy of the controls for ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and continued availability of the data stored on the network. We found that certain improvements could be made in these controls. When we followed up on these matters with Center officials, we found that they had made progress in their efforts to implement our audit recommendations and were continuing these efforts to ensure full implementation. To protect the security of the network’s operations, our detailed audit findings were not included in either our original audit report or our follow-up report.

For a complete copy of Report 2005-F-34 click here.