Department of Motor Vehicles

Implementation of Insurance Information and Enforcement System (Follow-Up Report)

The Department of Motor Vehicles was required by the State Legislature to implement the Insurance Information and Enforcement System, a database of all the motor vehicles insured in New York State, which can be accessed through a bar code imprinted on each vehicle’s registration sticker or a sticker affixed to the vehicle’s license plate. In audit report 2001-S-61, we examined certain aspects of the system and found that improvements were needed if the system was to be as useful as intended. For example, most of the law enforcement agencies we contacted were not familiar with the bar code link to the system, and had not taken advantage of this feature. We also found that insurance companies were often slow to provide updated insurance information to the database. When we followed up on our audit recommendations, we found that Department officials had made some progress in implementing the recommendations, but additional actions were needed.

For a complete copy of Report 2005-F-28 click here.